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Our Coffee

At Mr Cavendish Coffee House  'We Paw The Best Coffee'!!

Our Coffee Beans are Roasted Locally by Artisan Batch Roasters, our Beans are 100% South American Arabica Beans that are Sustainably & Ethically Sourced.

Coffee Tastes Best When It's FRESH so our Beans are all Roasted within a 2 Month Period, we also Freshly Grind the Beans for Each Individual Cup of Coffee we Serve.
Our 'House Blend' Coffee Beans are Wonderfully Fruity and Smooth with Notes of Marzipan and Hazelnut, giving a Silky Mouth Feel with Perfectly Balanced Acidity.
Our 'House Blend Decaf' is our Decaffeinated Coffee and Believe It or Not, is just as Delicious as our House Blend, but by using the CO2 Method of Decaffeination this Chemical-free Process is more Gentle, Healthier and Creates no Nasty by-Products, Meaning that we can Retain the Natural Products of the Coffee.